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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ARTICLE: Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

I'm super happy that recently, I was given the opportunity to guest-contribute an article, on a topic very close to my heart, for the wonderful online scrapbook Your Zen Life:
The piece includes some thoughts on improving your closet by making greener, fairer and more sustainable choices when it comes to Clothing and Shopping.

You can read the full article here:

Friday, May 8, 2015

WISE WORDS: Create Your Own

"Don't worry about how good you'll be at it,
or what People will think of it,
or whether you'll succeed or not.

Those are not relevant to the task."

Sunday, May 3, 2015

SHORT STORIES: "A Traveler's Love"

"A Traveler's Love"
I'm a little bit in love
with all the People I met up with.
I'm a little bit in love
with the glimmering heat throughout the crowded streets.
With the waif streetdogs
on the sidewalk and
the red-eyed backpackers, whose faces,
pale from excitement and restless nights,
yawn  for booze and sleep.
I'm a little bit in love
with the first gasp for air on mountain tops
and clammy hands of deep valleys
out of reach.
I'm a little bit in love
with the last sip of red wine in our glasses
and the last pack of cigarettes,
with a shared glimps of laughter in our eyes
over the stuffed table.
I fell a little bit in love
with the shy smile of a stranger within
a rushing crowd.
With small conversations between doorways,
and the feeling of never wanting to go back
to sleep,
by all the beauty surrounding you.
I fell a little bit in love
with long busrides, sitting besides strangers
who might grow to old friends.
I'm a little bit in love
with the familiar taste of a Starbucks-Cup,
when you're longing for a small piece of home
within strange cities, pounting of adventure.
I'm a little bit in love
with the realization of missing home,
and that what you have left behind,
might turn out to be exactly what you were looking for
all along.