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Saturday, October 31, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

This one is for Chantal.


I love how we don’t need words to communicate,
because you can read my mind.
I admire that you’re able to be a tough, serious business person for work, then go home, put on war paint and a hippie dress and dance it out at some music festival.
I’m beyond proud of the person you’ve become:
You own yourself, in a way that´s both inspiring and empowering.
There’s nothing fake about you. 
You stand up for what you believe in and you fight for those you love.
May the world catch your virus, because it's a beautiful one.
You’re not only a friend to go out and drink through the night with, you’re also there for breakfast and real conversations, which is the best package.
Thank you, for being so good at always talking me back into it,
whenever I want to quit or give up on something.

Thank you, for always sending postcards, whatever corner of the globe you happen to be in.
Thank you, for all those incredibly nice things you ever said to me.
Thank you, for being on my team from day one.
I remember, you once told me you were happy we grew up together -
and I genuinely hope, you’ll be around for the rest of it as well.

Xo, L.

Monday, October 26, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

This one is for Christin.

there is a saying, that people are like cities:
We live in them, get comfortable and therefore tend to forget how beautiful they are.
So sometimes, we have to leave them, in order to learn how much we'll miss them
and remember how they live in us.
  Even though we've never truly lost touch, occaisonally I feel like it's been best and healthiest for our friendship, that in the past we grew bits apart,
before growing back together, to the way things are today.
I'm happy you're my friend, because you simply are a great one.
Because you understand my kind of bad hair day.
Because you know what it's like to be scary for no apparent reason at times.
Because you're loyal, supportive and always have my back.
Because we invented all the best drinking games together.
Because you can give honest compliments, don't sugarcoat shit
and aren't afraid to tell me things I might not always want, but need, to hear.
Because there's no room for rivalry or jealousy between us.
Because you're the mastermind.
To save your life, I'd drink up a pint of Guinness to the very last drop
or sit through an entire episode of Shopping-Queen.
(You know, those are pretty big deals for me)
And if people really are like cities, you are one,
I'll always look forward coming home to.
Xo, L.


Friday, October 23, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

This one is for Gwenda.

You are the best little though-way-taller-than-me sister anyone could wish for.
Your heart is even more beautiful than your contagious smile (which is kind of hard to beat) and if you ask me, you deserve the world.
Thank you, for always being there for me, no matter how much I ever annoyed you.
You’re part of so many of my fondest memories:
We watched the sunset together at Glasgow Necropolis Cemetery.
We danced our hearts out to Frank Turners' "I am disappeared" and broke at least one toe.
We had Matt Berninger drunk-stumble upon us during a concert,
which was the only moment ever, we both fangirled and decided we could die in peace now.
I love you for your energy, your love for life, animals, adventure and a glass of good wine.
I love that you’re wise beyond your years,
yet aren’t ashamed to admit you wish mermaids existed and you were one of them.
You are a bright ray of sunshine in my life
and I would have considered myself very lucky, had I already been
as clever, compassionate and caring as you are, when I was your age.
For you, I’d always take the bullet.
I love you eternally, sissy.
Xo, L.

Friday, October 16, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters to my Favorite People

This one is for Pascal.

I honestly believe that you can do whatever you want to do,
because your talent, kindness and confidence go hand in hand.
If you want to be a star, you have it.
If you want to change the world, you will.
There is a fierce uniqueness burning brightly inside of you that is infectious:
I admire how you constantly encourage emotional, artistic, intellectual and spiritual growth in everybody around you.
I love that you’re both mature for your years and youthfully enthusiastic about life.
I love that you quote “The Swan Princess” to give life and love advice.
I love that we can talk for hours without running out of topics,
while at the same time we can sit comfortably in total silence with each other.
Thank you, for bringing chocolate, cookies or candy with you, whenever you come around.
Thank you, for letting me come around to cuddle, watch Trash TV and eat up all your chocolate, cookies and candy, whenever I feel like it.
Thank you, for believing in me.
And being part of my Army of Fortune.
"I'll hold you in my heart, far longer than forever." ;)
Xo, L.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

As the headline already predicts, the latest illustration series I made, is dedicated to the most wonderful people I know, my dearest friends.
To the ones I admire, laugh with and learn from. To the ones, who never tell me to ‘ditch art and go learn something solid’, but support and carry me, when needed.
It’s a series I made for the people, who make my life better and brighter.
Starting today, each Friday, I’ll post a piece of it – to say ‘Thank You’ to somebody Special.

This one is for Anna.


You are a truly extraordinary person and I’m so happy we’re still close, after all these years.
I love how smart, strong, determined and outspoken you are. 
That you’re honest and there’s no bullshit with you.
I adore your sense of humor (because it seriously is the best) and the way you tell stories.
You’re one of my favorite travel companions, not only because we survived the zombie apocalypse in Den Haag together, and I’m looking very forward to new trips ahead.
You are beautiful, inside and outside, and I’m proud you’re a part of my life.
Thank you for being my friend and always showing up for me. 

Xo, L.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

PREVIEW: Who Are You In The Fire

Pleased to announce that our very first collection, featuring jewellery and clothing, is called "Who are you in the fire" and will be up and running very soon! Xo