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Sunday, December 20, 2015


With the Holidays coming up, we're taking a Christmas break with the blog and are looking forward to the New Year, which will feature new photography, artwork and love letters, as well as the overdue store release!

Happy Holidays, Xo.

We're ending our year here with an old illustration I recently re-discovered and a nice little quote, picked up from a dear colleague at work this week:

'How foolish it is
to think that we love
only with our hearts.
The heart is just an organ with a job to do,
a quota to fill.
When I love,
I don't want to love with only a blood-pumping machine.
I want to love
with every inch of my body.
I will love you
with my knees and fingertips,
with my elbows and my collarbones,
with my freckles and my knuckles,
my wrinkles and my scars.
And I will love you
with all the spaces inbetween.' 

Saturday, December 12, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

This one is for my Dad.

there's a sticker on my dishwasher saying 'My Dad is my Hero' -
even though I originally put it there as a joke, there's actually great truth to it:
You probably are the smartest, wittiest and funniest person alive.
If I'll end up inheriting only a quarter of that wisdom, I'll consider myself beyond lucky.
Thank you, for invariably letting me rely on you.
Thank you, for all the dropping-me-off and picking-me-up.
Thank you, for having watched countless Grey's Anatomy episodes with me,
when I was alone and asked you to, even though you absolutely hated it.
Thank you, for taking me to my first concert, many, many years ago.
Thank you, for helping me with everything I ever needed help with.
Thank you, for installing love, respect and value for nature in me, since I was a little kid.
Thank you, for teaching me how to build sundials and how to identify birds up in the sky.
Thank you, for always bringing gifts for me, from whatever place in the world you travel to.
Thank you, for still crafting advent calendars for me,
although I'm 24 years old and not even living at home anymore.
If I'd still write letters to Santa Claus, I'd ask him to not forget about you as well. ;)
I love you.
Xo, L.


Friday, December 4, 2015

SERIES: Love Letters To My Favorite People

 This one is for my Mum.

You are the most compassionate, caring and big-hearted woman I can think of,
and everybody who knows you and is loved by you, is truly lucky for it.
I know so many people who fear nothing more than growing up to be their parents -
the way I see it, if I happened to turn out just like you in a couple years from now,
it certainly wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
I love, that you're around for girly stuff,
as well as being able to park a car far better than most guys I know.
Thank you, for shaping my taste in music for the better, by making me listen to
Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen and Rod Stewart when I was younger.
Thank you, for never taking me to McDonalds.
Thank you, for holding my hand whenever I needed you to.
Thank you, for always saying 'Go ahead and try', instead of saying 'No'.
Thank you, for being the kind of mum my friends want to hang out,
drink and play boardgames with.
Thank you, for taking Gwenda and me on so many trips ever since we were little,
and encouraging us to go travel the world.
Thank you, for not taking cookies from men, who were jerks to me. ;)
I love you.
Xo, L.

SNIPPETS: Zizipizi 2.0

Another set of sketches I made for ZIZIPIZI Jewellery:


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SNIPPETS: Zizipizi Scribbles

My friend Mat is making beautifully handcrafted jewellery and I get to do a few illustration sketches for her label ZIZIPIZI, inspired by Illustrator Laura Laine.
Here's a first look at the Scribbles and Earrings - For a closer look and detailed information about Zizipizi Jewellery, check out